Unsaid facts of life

  • A new idea generates to your mind instantly if you are able to relate the questions “WHO”, “WHAT”, “WHOM”, “WHY”, “WHEN” and “HOW” in a single thread !!!
  • Behind every incident on the planet Earth whether natural disaster or man made disaster, there is a human-readable story !!!
  • If you ever feel that, we humans are under the influence of some other powers in the environment, then definitely you are heading towards right direction…!!!!
  • The most heart wrenching truth of earthy beings on this planet is that, we are under the influence of chaotic situation among goddesses and gods in the universe. Divine wisdom is the only way to come out of all the sufferings on this planet.
  • A woman can be definitely responsible for any holocaust in various mythologies in the world till now, but she cannot be blamed for that because she just acted as a catalyst in it!!!!!!

– Khushi (Khushboo).





Author: khushi

Degree is not just the end of education, I am still learning as a student and will continue forever....

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